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Welcome to the Global Professional Freight Network (GPFN). We are an international network of independent and operating freight forwarders, customs brokers and logistics specialist who together offer individual attention with the global reach, and competitive pricing of a multi-national organization. GPFN believes in unity, making success possible to our Members is our goals and slogan.
BenefitsAs many companies nowadays all desire a safe and good business environment as well as multiple cooperative business relationships to benefit from, in addition to current business relationships, friendship network is also much important in building mutual trust. Becoming a member of an association or organization, thus, plays a necessary part in producing practical results...
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become a memberIf you have prepared for an effective cooperation with our selective members or you desire to expand your business with the group’s members that have a good financial capability and well-managed business system, becoming an official member of the GPFN group is a good idea. Please fill in the registration form by one of the two following methods...
Categories of membersMembership including companies that deal locally in the sectors of international transportation, Seaway transportation, airway transportation, logistics, inland clearance depots (ICDs) and other fields related to international transportation.
There are 4 types of membership: Ordinary Member, Silver Member, Gold Member, Diamond Member...
servicesIf you want a perfect supply service in the fastest delivery time, the group’s specialists are all willing and honored to serve your demand and meet your expectations whether your consignment is just a carton box or large projects such as building plan, running water system, power plant, etc with the following services...
Financial protection programPayment protection for financial loss as a result of non-payment for services between members, when a member goes bankrupt or is insolvent. Members will be entitled to payment protection per annum during his or her membership. This protection apply for transactions between any enrolled member head office are covered in case of non-payment by another GPFN member. Please contact to us for further information...